Todd Haimes Theatre Rules

If you are attending a show or an event at Todd Haimes Theatre (formerly known as the American Airlines Theatre) and have any questions regarding the performance, dress codes, schedule, age restrictions etc then take a look below at the frequently asked questions.

The goal of rules at a theatre is to ensure that both the performers and the audiences enjoy an interrupted and smooth experience. There’s nothing worse than a performance being interrupted because of a noisy audience member or flash photography. We’re going to outline some of the main rules at the theatre so you can prepare ahead of time.

Arrival times

You should aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the performance begins. This allows you to get settled, absorb the atmosphere of the venue and have a pre-show beverage. Arriving late to a performance – while allowed – can be a frustrating experience for both you and the other audience members.

Food & beverages

You should note that food is not permitted inside the auditorium. Depending on the performances, beverages may be allowed inside, but it is likely that they will have to be inside theatre-approved containers.

Photography & video

A strict rule that most New York and Broadway theatres follow is excluding photography and video within the auditorium. This means that you will not be permitted inside with cameras or recording devices.

The exception to this rule is for professional media members who have been approved by the venue. You can of course take your phone inside, but recording or taking photos during performances is strictly prohibited.

Respect for performers

It is important to note that you must be respectful of the performers during the show. This means keeping your voice down, not heckling, or causing any interruption to the performance. You must be equally respectful to other audience members and stewards. Any interruptions are not allowed and you may be asked to leave the theatre.

Safety rules

If an emergency occurs, you should follow the directions of the stewards. They will help to promptly evacuate the theatre if necessary.

Dress code

There is not strict dress code for shows at the Todd Haimes Theatre.